I Think I’ve Got a Meeting

Appointments and Reminders

I often say, not completely in jest, that if my phone doesn’t chime, I’m not going to be at your meeting. It’s easy for me to become completely immersed in a project and lose track of time, so my phone’s appointment reminders need to be robust.

It starts with Outlook, where an appointment may have a 15 or 30 minute reminder set, but the details of the notification vary depending on the phone. In Windows Mobile, I became accustomed to having reminders repeat until I dismissed them. I wasn’t able to set the interval, which seemed to be something like 20 seconds, 20 seconds, 3 minutes, 20 seconds, 20 seconds, random, 20 seconds, and so forth. But there was little danger of missing it entirely.

Appointment notification settings in WM6

I was surprised to learn that repeated reminders were not available by default in Android. You can have a single tone and a single vibration, as well as either an icon on the notification bar or a full-screen alert.

Appointment notification settings in default calendar on the Droid X

The TouchDown for Exchange application maintains its own calendar and offers extensive control over appointment reminders. After enabling them on the options list, there are two important additional option panels to configure: “Appointment Alerts” and “Reminders.” To preserve your sanity, do not choose “Nag until cancelled.” Instead, set the repeat to a short interval.

Appointment notification settings in TouchDown

Appointment notification settings in TouchDown

Kudos to NitroDesk for getting me to my meetings on time.

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